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Mrs Jones Education Testimonials

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Eliza S, Wimbledon

I can proudly say that my daughter was offered a number of places at both Independent and Grammar Schools for which she sat the 11+ exam, including one award. Undoubtedly personal skills and dedication played an important role, but these alone would not have got her the result she managed to achieve. I can confidently say that the outstanding level of tuition she received contributed highly to my daughter’s accomplishment, by means of successfully equipping her with the techniques (and possibly some tricks – why not!) to tackle the exam papers, being verbal or non-verbal reasoning, English or mathematics.

Mrs K, Worcester Park

My child spent just a few months being tutored with Mrs Jones Education and was offered a scholarship at Kingston Grammar and also gained her first choice placement at the Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston. The tutor’s organizational skills and high standard of teaching enabled her to prepare our daughter for the 11plus exams. We only wish we had discovered Mrs Jones Education sooner. Even in this short time our daughter was fully prepared for the exams ahead with calm, ease and a relaxed approach which enhanced our child’s confidence. I would recommend Mrs Jones Education for 11+ preparation wholeheartedly.

Ann Nadel (BSC, PGCE) Ealing

My daughter has been a pupil of Mrs Jones Education for the last year. During this time her schoolwork has soared, as have her marks and confidence in preparing for the 11+. Gwenda is always friendly, approachable and immensely knowledgeable. She gives individual attention and always has time to sort out problems with tricky questions. My younger daughter is already booked to spend time with her, and we have every confidence that both our children will be successful at the 11+, with the extra tutoring she provides. I would have no hesitation in saying we are delighted with her teaching and would totally recommend Mrs Jones Education to anyone with a child in KS2 who needs help in preparing for the 11+ entrance exams. Many thanks, Ann Nadel (BSC, PGCE) Ealing

A. Nadel, Ealing

My child spent a year being tutored with Mrs Jones Education and was offered scholarships at both Notting Hill and Ealing School (where she came second out of over 400 children) and also Latymer Upper in Hammersmith. Gwenda’s teaching is of a very high standard and amazingly well organised. As a teacher myself I was quite in awe of the way she guided and taught our daughter. In addition my daughter loved being taught by Gwenda and responded well to her warm and positive style. All areas of learning were thoroughly covered and taught. My husband and I would thoroughly recommend Mrs Jones Education for 11 + preparation.

M.F. Wimbledon

Just wanted to let you know the results! Sam got offered a scholarship at Kings in Wimbledon and a place at Tiffin. Thank you so much for all your help in getting him so well prepared. We will be in touch soon about putting our other son’s name on your list for 2013.

T.B. Sutton

My son who has Asperger’s Syndrome was tutored by Mrs Jones Education from Year 4. He responded enthusiastically to the teaching methods used and despite being offered a place at his first choice state Grammar school, eventually accepted a full bursary to attend a leading independent school.

M. M., Sutton

My daughter Safiyya got into Tiffin Girls. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I would like to enrol my other daughter in your classes for next year.

Stefan (previous pupil), Ealing

Thank you for tutoring me last year. I managed to get a place in the school I really wanted to go to (Merchant Taylors). The lessons were very good. Sometimes I struggled but you pushed me on to do well. I enjoyed verbal reasoning as you showed me simple but effective methods to tackle problems. I would not have got into Merchant Taylors without your tuition. Thank you very much.

M and J, Wimbledon

Just to let you know that our daughter has successfully passed her 10+ entrance examination and will be starting her new school next term. We would like to say that she thoroughly enjoyed attending each session and we feel that her confidence has definitely grown. She is comfortable with the structure and layout of the tests she has practiced in the mock exam sessions and now feels much more confident in tackling them. She has always been encouraged and made to feel supported and we have enjoyed seeing her gain self-confidence as well as practical skills.

L.R. Kew

Our daughter gained a place at her first choice school – Sacred Heart in Hammersmith and is still on the waiting list for Tiffin Girls. Thanks very much for all your help. We all appreciate the hard work you have done and your input on her achievements. We have given your contacts to some other parents as well as a note on the school notice board. Our son will be part of your groups in a couple of years’ time.

J.L. Hampton

Just a quick note to let you know that Oliver was successful for both Hampton and KCS. We have not decided which one he will take but I think it is looking like Hampton. I’d like to thank you for your tuition. It really helped with sharpening up his skills and technique which can make all the difference in very competitive exams.

Mrs M, Sunbury

My daughter really enjoyed learning with Mrs Jones Education. Her school results increased considerably and her confidence was boosted, especially in maths. Her tutors were able to take the time to explain anything needing further consolidation. My daughter has done particularly well in reading comprehension due to the extra support received.

S.R, Hampton

Many thanks for all your hard work in preparing my daughter for her exams. She was offered a place, without interview at Sir William Perkins School which we have accepted. I feel she really has benefited from the tutoring and she has been put forward to do the Level 6 SATs Literacy papers in May.

G.K., Hampton

We found out our daughter’s secondary school result today. She managed to get into Tiffin Girls. Thank you very much for all the help and support she received from Mrs Jones Education.

N & A.L, New Malden

Choosing a tutor for your child is well and truly a daunting task as you are effectively placing your trust in that tutor to assist your child in passing the 11+ entrance examinations. Sadly, so many purport to be a tutor but the poor results speak for itself! Not Mrs Jones Education though – her track record is astounding! Mrs Jones Education was recommended to us by a colleague whose daughter ultimately went to Tiffin Girls.

From the first day that our son attended Mrs Jones Education and bearing in mind it was a Saturday afternoon which would ordinarily have entailed sport or some other fun activity, he thoroughly enjoyed it and looked forward to spending Saturday afternoons with Mrs Jones. During and after the lesson, Mrs Jones would hand the children a little sweet treat and our son now fondly remembers Mrs Jones by these sweet treats. A little bit of encouragement and reward goes a long way!

The teaching was amazing, the creative writing was lots of fun and our son took on board all the teaching. The mock-exams during Year 5 was incredibly helpful as it gave us an idea of which areas to focus on. The parent consultations and feedback from Mrs Jones also helped us identify weak areas.

The road was long and the journey sometimes a bit bumpy as he was a child after all who wanted to play and just have fun, but the end result was so worth all of the sacrifices. Our son was offered his first choice of grammar school, namely Sutton Grammar, despite the odds being stacked against him given that there are only 60 places available for boys out of the catchment area. Mrs Jones is largely responsible for this success and we cannot recommend her highly enough! We are sincerely grateful and indebted to her.

We now look forward to seeing Mrs Jones again in the autumn when our second son will hopefully commence his tuition with her.

J.M., Weybridge

We wanted a thorough and informed preparation for our daughter particularly for the VR and NVR for Tiffin Girls and an idea of the speed she would need to work at to get through the papers. We also wanted her to have the best chance of securing a place at one of two local independent schools. We liked the idea of her working in a small group rather than feeling pressured in a one-to-one tutoring situation, as we did not want her to be “over-tutored”, just wanted to make sure we had “filled in the gaps” as we saw them.

Gwenda made an initial assessment of her abilities, gave us honest feedback and was always calm, reassuring and positive. Our daughter really enjoyed her weekly lessons and was encouraged and challenged. We were able to keep her in a steady routine with her homework, following advice as to increasing amounts and difficulty in the lead up to the 11+ exams. We are delighted that at the date of writing, she has been offered a part scholarship at one of the independents, and has an academic scholarship interview at the other, with an offer of a place already secured.

Further news:

I thought I’d let you know that our daughter has been offered a place at Tiffin Girls! I don’t think we’d ever anticipated being in such a great position of having a choice. Thank you for all your help getting her this far. She is very proud of her achievement and had a little tear when she got the letter.

A & A.C, Wandsworth

Both our son and daughter attended Mrs Jones Education, and were both offered places at the grammar and selective independent schools they applied to. The preparation they received allowed them to feel confident and positive about the entrance exams; a skill we feel will stand them in good stead in their future educational careers.

Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve accepted a place at Tiffin Girls’ for Sophia. She also had offers of places at Kingston Grammar and Putney High, and also applied at Wimbledon High, but there was placed on the waiting list only. Thank you for all your work with Sophia and Nikolai in the last few years, and all the best for the future!

T.P, Hampton

We got good news that Thomas has been offered a place in St. Bernard Grammar school in Slough. He is just 2 marks short to get in first offers in Tiffin school. He got standardized score 103 where, as lowest offered at the moment is 105. So we are in the waiting list and still hopeful of getting there. I want to say huge thanks for your support and teaching that helped Thomas to achieve these.

Hello Mrs. Jones,
With great pleasure, I want to inform you that today we received the offer of a place for Thomas in Year 7 in Tiffin School, Kingston. I have no words to describe how much your tutoring and training has helped Thomas to achieve this. Thanks a lot for all your efforts, support and guidance. Regards Thomas P

A & K.B, Sunbury

Dear Gwenda – Just to let you know that Emily has been offered a place at Tiffin Girls. We are delighted and so grateful to you for your support and excellent teaching. Thank you again for everything. Alison, Kevin and Emily xx

Just a quick note to let you know that Harry has been successful in gaining a place at Tiffin School. Although he was offered a place at Hampton (and a sports scholarship!), we have decided after a great deal of consideration to accept the place at Tiffin. We hope that Harry will be able to thrive there and be challenged to fulfil his potential. We are all delighted! We should like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and guidance. Harry rates your teaching very highly and knows that he has a great deal to thank you for. He hopes to come and see you in the next few weeks to thank you personally. With best regards, Alison, Kevin, Emily and Harry

Trish T, Surbiton

Josh thoroughly enjoyed his time doing 11+ tuition. He was always motivated and his confidence increased visibly. Josh was always keen to attend his lessons and enjoyed the opportunity to learn in a small group. He loved the puzzles and the maths investigations. I will mention you to anyone who asks for 11+ recommendation.

W.M, Carshalton

I would like to let you know that Veneka, your former student, managed to get into Wallington Grammar. We are so excited and looking forward to him joining the new school. Although he initially did not make it over the pass mark for Sutton Grammar by just 1 point, Sutton Grammar has written to us to find out if we are still interested for him to join their school. We are lucky as we live very close to both Wallington and Sutton, and we have decided to stick with Wallington.

He also passed Whitgift and Royal Russell, with the latter offering him a 20% academic scholarship. Because of the cost, we have decided to go for the Grammar instead. Thank you very much for teaching Veneka and for all the support and advice. We really appreciate the guidance you gave us.

S & N.P, Crawley

We approached Mrs Jones’ Education when our daughter was in Year 5. Due to the location we were only able to do the 11 plus Mock exams that took place once a month. These exams have proved invaluable. They prepared our daughter to become confident at sitting exams and helped her manage her time during an exam. The content of the papers were excellent, they covered all areas that came up in the actual exams. There was definitely an improvement throughout the year, at the outset our daughter was scoring 35 out of 50, by the end of the year she was scoring 100 percent.

The manner in which the exams were conducted were child friendly but also ensured the children became familiar with exam settings. The staff were extremely helpful and encouraging. We are huge advocates of Mrs Jones’ Education and would most definitely recommend it to others. The help, guidance, advice and overall support we received throughout the year has been priceless. Mrs Jones Education is an excellent service and has helped our daughter reach her potential and gain an Academic scholarship in our chosen school. Thank you Mrs Jones and staff, you truly have been invaluable.

Nathleen & Adrian L, New Malden

Where do I begin? Words cannot express how truly grateful Adrian and I for all that you did for Ethan! We are so, so thrilled to inform you that he was offered a place at Sutton Grammar which was his first choice. Tears of joy flowed freely on Tuesday evening after months of anxiety! He is over the moon given that we are out of catchment and therefore only 60 places were reserved for those boys outside the catchment area. Yesterday, we also learned that he passed the Stage 2 of the Tiffin Exam and had he selected that as his first choice, he would have been offered a place given his score.

Gwenda, again, we are so, so thankful to you and now that we have an end to what felt like a long and arduous journey, we can put pen to paper, so to speak, and complete that testimonial which will more than sing your praises as you more than deserve it! A million thanks to you for everything. All being well, we look forward to seeing you again in September if you are able to offer Kieran a place. He too is now on fire to sit the 11+ as he has witnessed the effects of hard work, sacrifice and sheer determination and perseverance! Thank you again!

K & M.K, East Molesey

We are happy to inform you that Antoni passed his exams and is offered a place in all four independent schools we have chosen for him: King’s College Wimbledon, Hampton School, Kingston Grammar and Reed’s School. In the last two he received an academic scholarship. We are considering taking the place either in Hampton School or in King’s College Wimbledon.

Getting an offer from King’s College was a big surprise for us. We really didn’t expect it. We would very much appreciate if you could give us your opinion on King’s College Wimbledon, because we are still unsure if this is the right school for Antoni. I also have a question regarding my younger son who is in Year 2 now. We would like him to start the tuition with you in Year 4. When would be the best time to book and get a place on the course? Thank you for your help and support. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Peter & Sonia E, Surbiton

Dear Mrs. Jones (Gwenda),
I am happy (and proud) to tell you that of the four independent schools that I applied for I got offers from three (KGS, Hampton, Kings) and a waiting list place for the fourth (Emanuel) and I have the luxury of choosing which school to go to. I have decided to go to Kings College in Wimbledon as it has great learning opportunities and a really friendly environment .I really enjoyed my tutorials with you which definitely helped me to get to the school of my choice. I especially remember your quizzes as a highlight of the lessons and the challenges in English, Mathematics and Verbal reasoning. Thank you for all the help that you have given me – not only helping me to get into a great school but setting me up with skills and knowledge for the future. Every week I looked forward to your tutorials.  Best wishes, Alex

Sonia and I would like to reiterate Alex’s comments. He had a great time at tutorials – learning lots, preparing for the future but also having fun. You have made a massive contribution to Alex’s future and we are all very grateful. We will hopefully see you again when his little sister gets ready for secondary school in a few years.

Chris R, London

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how Tia’s school applications went. Tia’s done incredibly well, being offered places at all five of the independent schools she applied to, with three of them offering academic scholarships.

She also found out this week that she’s been offered a place at Tiffin Girls – a huge achievement, which she couldn’t have done without your help! She’s done fantastically well, and I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with her, and we really appreciated the difference your knowledge of the local schools and exam processes made. We were so sure that Putney (with an academic scholarship) was the right choice, I handed in the deposit and acceptance form last week! I have to say, it would have been easier to be at peace with that decision, if she’d not been offered at place at Tiffins this week…Putney is the right choice for her character. Thanks again for everything.

S.S & D.P, London

We wanted to thank you so much for all your help with Max and his 11 plus exams. He did get offers from KGS, Reeds, Hampton Court House and Claremont Fan Court in the end. He was offered a place in the interview at Hampton Court House. We were told he was the best of the bunch in English and got an extremely high score in Maths – so that was exciting. He also took the exams for Kings, Harrodian and Ibstock Place. He got an interview at Harrodian but did not get offered a place in the end.

We decided to stay with our decision of Reeds. We thought that with some of his issues – dyslexia, dyspraxia and sensory processing, his stress levels could be exacerbated with the pressure of KGS, while he is still sorting all of that out. We also love the sport and the grounds at Reeds, the school bus and prep time which will be a great help (as well as many other things). We would have had to provide any extra SEN support if he needed it at Hampton Court House, and sport was a bit lacking which is important to support sensory development. We are very pleased with the choice and would not have considered it had you not told us about it.

A huge, heartfelt thank you for all your ongoing support and encouragement which has taken us all to the finish line. Thanks to you, Max has a place at the perfect school for him alongside some other wonderful offers. He is also a much more confident and able individual. By the end of his 9 exams he was really taking it all in his stride and has really grown as an individual.

We really can’t thank you enough for helping Max get to the best position possible at this stage in his life. I know he will always remember you as his first inspiring teacher.

F. & L. L, Walton-on-Thanes

We had very good news re: Benjamin’s 11+ and it occurred to us sometime this week that we hadn’t let you know. So sorry! Benjamin sat the Colet Court (for St. Paul’s), Hampton School and Kingston Grammar School exams. No surprise, he passed them all. However, the surprise was that he was offered Academic Scholarships by ALL three. It certainly was much more than we had expected, especially getting the one from St. Paul’s!

He also sat the Harrow School ‘Peter Beckwith Scholarship’ exam, but he narrowly missed out on that one. There were 23 of them chasing 2 slots, so we always knew it was going to be a long shot. However, he enjoyed the experience (all-day written Maths and English exam, online IQ tests, with panel interviews thrown in, etc.) tremendously, and he thinks it will help him to prepare for his Eton assessment coming up next month of April (as Benjamin is a summer born child). We shall let you know how that one goes when we hear back from them in July.

For now, we have accepted the Hampton offer (makes it easier for us with Matt currently there), and Benjamin will be starting there in September as an Edmund Pigeon Scholar too. We are very pleased with how the 11+ journeys for both Matt and Benjamin have turned out. We wish to thank you for the support, expertise and encouragement you gave along the way. As you know, I have no hesitation recommending your services to friends and acquaintances. For as long as you’re in business, I shall continue to do so. You have warm wishes from everyone here. Please give our regards to your husband too. Take care and God bless.

Parent, London

Thank you for all of your help, advice and guidance in the months leading up to Toby’s 11+ Entrance exams in Dec/Jan. We’re very happy to inform you that Toby received offers from all the schools he sat for. These are some of the leading schools around. Incredibly, he also received 2 academic scholarship offers! Believe me, we were in shock – excited, overwhelmed and proud all at the same time, but what a wonderful position to be in?!

No doubt some of this might not have been without the 2 years of tuition from you. He thoroughly enjoyed his weekly lessons, which he thought were fun, but always stimulating. I personally believe your years of experience and knowledge, coupled with your calm disposition greatly helped inspire confidence in the children. We have been singing your praises to all and sundry and I have no hesitation in recommending Mrs. Jones 11+ Education to those who may need/benefit from your services.

We look forward to replicating the same success (or even more!) with my younger son currently in his second year with Gwenda.

I.A, London

I just wanted to drop you a quick line regarding Omar’s results, which are all in. At your advice (thank you), we added Reed’s to his list of schools, and it is a great school. We decided in the end also to submit applications to Tiffin, Kingston Grammar and Hampton, even though you suggested that they might be a struggle for him to get in to. With Reed’s and Ibstock as a backup, we felt there was little to lose in trying for the stronger schools as well.

I’m delighted to say that he was offered a place by every school he applied to. Indeed, Reed’s offered him a scholarship, which we would have taken had he not had offers from Hampton and Tiffin. We all preferred Hampton as a school, especially in terms of the extra-curricular variety on offer as well as its academic strength. However, with our current financial situation, we decided on Tiffin as it is an excellent school, albeit not as rounded in our view as Hampton. I wanted to thank you for your tuition, which I’m sure made a difference in terms of his results, and to wish you all the best going forward.

Jane M, Weybridge

We wanted a thorough and informed preparation for our daughter particularly for the VR & NVR for Tiffin Girls and an idea of the speed she would need to work at to get through the papers. We also wanted her to have the best chance of securing a place at one of two local independent girls’ schools. We liked the idea of her working in a small group rather than feeling pressured in a one-to-one tutoring situation, as we did not want her to be “over-tutored”, just wanted to make sure we had “filled in the gaps” as we saw them.

Gwenda made an initial assessment of her abilities, gave us honest feedback, and was always calm, reassuring and positive. Our daughter really enjoyed her weekly lessons over the four terms, and was encouraged and challenged. We were able to keep her in a steady routine with the homework, following Gwenda’s advice as to increasing amounts and difficulty in the lead up to the Tiffin exam. We are delighted that at the date of writing, she has been offered a part scholarship at one of the independents, and has an academic scholarship interview at the other, with an offer of a place already secured.

Rupa B, London

Thank you so much for teaching Arushi this year in your class. As we are planning to move back to Seattle (U.S.A) by end of this year that’s the reason we didn’t enroll her for the next year. Throughout last 6 months she learned a lot from your class not only math, English, verbal and non-verbal but also gain confidence, love, passion to go to class every day to learn new things. That makes us happy to see our child is building her self-esteem and concentration through your learning process. Sorry for the late note. We already told our friend about your class and most of them are going to your class next year.
Teaching is not an easy job and from bottom of our heart we appreciate your hard work. Thank you again for recommending all those books to us to encourage our daughter, to gain her confidence. They are very helpful.

A. I, Wimbledon

I just wanted to share some good news with you. Ela is starting Wallington Girls (Grammar) School next week. We are very happy for her, and glad that all the hard work has paid off. She is very pleased with the result too. Thank you very much again for all your teaching to Ela.

J & H.B, Chiswick

Julia got offers from the 3 schools she sat for; Notting Hill & Ealing, Latymer Upper and Kew House. She will be going to Notting Hill, like Sofia, so we’re all very happy.

A & L.V, Hampton

I thought you’d like to know that Lucia got into Tiffin. She’s very happy (as are we).
Thank you for all your help and support over the past few years.

T & L.A, Surbiton

Just a note to say that Joe has just been offered a place at Tiffin school after initially being on the waiting list. He is delighted. Thank you for your work with him. Best wishes, Tom & Lucy A.

L & C.O, Wimbledon

This is just to let you know the fantastic news that Caleb has been offered places at King’s College, Wimbledon, Kingston Grammar and Royal Guildford grammar.
Many thanks for all your time, support and of course teaching, which has helped him get to this point.

A & S.A & Eshaan (pupil), Twickenham

Hi Gwenda, this is Eshaan. Hope you’re well. I am writing to you to let you know that all your efforts have paid off. You pushed me really hard and I’m happy to let you know that I got into my first choice which was Hampton Boys School. I’m really excited about joining year 7 in September. Thank you for everything.

M & E, London

I thought you might like to know that we have accepted an offer from Wilson’s school for Conor for September. He also received offers from Kingston Grammar, Whitgift and Emanuel but we have opted for Wilsons and think it will be great for Conor. Thanks for all your work in preparing him for the exams.

N & C.S, Wimbledon

I am pleased to tell you that Henrik has accepted an offer from Tiffin School. On behalf of Henrik and the rest of us, we want to thank you for tutoring him. He benefited considerably from your classes including the homework and was always keen to go. I look forward to working with you on preparing our other son for 11+.

R & S.C, Southall

We are delighted to tell you that our son has been offered a place at QE (1st preference-accepted) with his total score of 234. Also he has passed Tiffin 2nd stage (our 2nd preference) with combined score of 119 marks. Thanks once again for all your efforts and hard work.

C & L.B, Wimbledon

Henri has received offers at Hampton, Latymer Upper and Whitgift (with
scholarship). Many thanks for participating in his success – you put him through a demanding but thorough programme.

Evelyn & Michael L, London

Dear Mrs Jones, want to drop you a note that Michael has offers to Merchant Taylors and St Bernadette School following the 11 plus exams. Thanks to you and your team very much for your support. Well appreciated!

Sonali & Rajesk M, Woking

I can’t thank Gwenda enough for her help, encouragement and motivation.
My son has passed all the schools he was preparing for. Gwenda’s assessment is always perfect. Also the mock test has helped a lot in preparing my son for the real exam. Definitely going to enrol my younger son with Mrs Jones.

Sabina V, Hampton

I just wanted to give you the good news that Ricky got offered a place at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School in Slough, which is our first choice. Thank you for your help and support… We are extremely happy with the results.