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11 Plus Foundation Course – Year 4

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Our Year 4 Foundation Course consists of two courses within one: our weekly 11+ Tuition (teaching) Course & monthly Mock Exam Course.

The 11+ Foundation Course is perfectly designed to prepare your child for the more challenging work in Year 5. Our weekly online lessons are all prepared, structured and taught by Mrs Jones herself and cover all four subject areas: Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning.

The course is taught and delivered via our quality online tutorials, weekly timed tests, quizzes and monthly mock exams. Our unique online lessons have enabled us to bring the classroom directly into your home.

Your child will receive up to 4 hours of structured learning each week (including lessons & homework) and full access to our remote monthly mock exam course, where your child will be able to improve their timing, technique, accuracy and focus. Each month you will receive a detailed report in each subject enabling you to monitor your child’s progress.

The Year 4 Foundation course includes:

  • Mathematics – topic work, numerical reasoning, problem solving & analysis.
  • English – including comprehension & creative writing.
  • Cloze Procedure – verbal reasoning, comprehension & vocabulary skills.
  • Verbal Reasoning – including logical & critical thinking skills.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – 2D & 3D/Spatial, brain training activities & puzzles.
  • Vocabulary – including weekly cloze exercises & vocabulary quizzes.
  • Monthly Mock Exams / Assessments – with detailed reports & feedback.
  • Homework in the form of weekly timed tests in each subject.

We place a lot of emphasis on advanced vocabulary work, enabling us to take your child’s vocabulary level to that of a 14 to 16-year-old as required for the Verbal Reasoning, English Comprehension and Creative Writing at 11 plus.

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Year 4 – Foundation Course Details

Course Dates

October 2023 to August 2024

October 2024 to August 2025


Course Features

The Foundation Course provides a solid foundation ready for the more challenging work in Year 5. We cover KS2 in maths and English and then work beyond to a higher KS3 level.

Includes Maths, English, Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning and a place on our remote monthly Mock Exam course.

We prepare for the 11+ entrance exams to all top grammar and independent schools throughout London and the counties, as well as schools in other key 11 plus areas.

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Course Fees

Reservation Fee: £325 (forms part of the total course fee and is non-refundable).

This reserves your child’s place on the Year 4 course and includes:

a) the first month’s tuition fee of £225
b) a one-off registration fee of £100

A payment of £225 will be taken automatically on the 1st of each month, starting from the second month of tuition through to December of Year 6, unless you decide to stop tuition earlier*

*You can stop tuition at any time by simply cancelling your monthly subscription.

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Tuition Course FAQs

Our tuition courses cover the complete 11+ exam syllabus for all subjects – Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning.

All our tuition courses are prepared and taught by Mrs Jones herself!

Mrs Jones (BSc.Hons, PGCE) has an excellent reputation with a proven track record of success and over 36 years teaching experience behind her – so no risk of getting an unqualified, inexperienced or unreliable tutor.

Yes, we are one of the few 11+ tuition providers to include Creative Writing as a key part of all our main tuition courses. Creative writing takes both time and practice (over 12 to 24 months) to develop and perfect.

We help develop their writing skills by teaching the children various techniques to use with different writing styles and genres. Our online videos enable us to include a range of pictures, images and settings to create mood and atmosphere and to fire your child’s imagination.

We include sample pieces of work (often written by our previous students) to further encourage and develop your child’s individual style and inspire their enjoyment in writing.

We provide both verbal and non-verbal practice and technique tutorials, as the majority of schools (grammar and independent) will assess at least one, if not both of these subjects.
Most grammar and private schools now include Verbal Reasoning as an integral part of their English exam and Numerical Reasoning (non-verbal /spatial type problem questions) in their maths exams.

Our main 11+ tuition courses also include our remote monthly Mock Exam Course. Each month, your child will practice timed exam papers in each subject and learn how to complete the computer answer forms just as they will in the real 11+ exams.

You will receive detailed reports and feedback enabling you to highlight any areas of weakness and/or any timing issues. This will help your child gain exam confidence, accuracy and technique.

Please check our Mock Exam FAQ’s for more information. 

Homework forms an important part of your child’s coursework and is set in the form of short weekly timed tests in each subject. Not only do these tests help consolidate their learning and monitor their progress, but they enable children to work on improving their timing and technique.

To support your child with their homework and to help keep any required parental input to a minimum, we have built in essential help, hints and guidance into the weekly timed tests.

On average, our Year 4 students will have about 4 hours work each week – around 2½ hours lessons and 1½ hours homework, including vocabulary work.

Our Year 5 students are set on average 4-5 hours work each week – around 2½ hours lessons and about 2 hours homework, including vocabulary work. This may increase in the final term of Year 5 and through into Year 6, where advanced 11+ practice papers will also be provided.

The hours shown may vary slightly from week to week depending on the work /topics being covered. The above times are estimated as children will take different amounts of time to complete work depending on their individual speed and ability.

Our courses are fully guided and structured, so once your child gets going, they should be able to work independently.

There is no need for you to sit with your child throughout each tutorial. Indeed, we prefer you do not do this as, apart from being very laborious and time-consuming for both you and your child, we want to encourage your child to learn to focus and become an independent thinker – an absolute requirement for success in the 11+ exams!

We suggest you set up a work timetable with your child so that you can tailor their work schedule to fit in with your family life and with their other commitments e.g. clubs, school homework etc.

While our success rates show that our courses are incredibly effective, we must point out that preparing for the 11 plus is intensive – there are no short cuts and parental commitment and support are fundamental elements to helping your child achieve that success.

We advise every parent to approach 11+ preparation as an opportunity to help their child achieve of their best and as high a standard as they can and to support their child throughout their 11+ journey.

We take great pride in introducing topics clearly for children, giving them a chance to try their new skills and then we regularly keep that knowledge fresh throughout the course.

Our tuition courses are fully guided and so well explained that we rarely get questions. We always provide answers to every question and the more complicated questions all have very detailed answers. Your child can also quickly go back into the tutorial to check or revise any part of the lesson as needed.

While our courses are so well explained that questions are rare, we are here to help should questions arise. Everyone using our main tuition courses has an email they can reach us on to ask questions if they have any, and we aim to respond within 24 hours if not sooner.

We continually assess and monitor your child’s progress throughout the year therefore you can assume that your child is progressing well unless we have specifically brought concerns to your attention.

All our tuition courses include our Mock Exam Course where each month your child will be assessed in each subject and you will receive a detailed report showing your child’s overall result, the cohort average and whether there are any timing issues. The reports also identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and highlight any specific areas where your child needs more help and input.

The course is designed to fully prepare your child for all grammar and private independent schools and for all examination boards including GL, CEM and ISEB.

We teach to the high levels required for entry to the top grammar and private schools including scholarship level in Year 6.

Schools’ information and advice is provided in the link below:

We are happy to provide further help and guidance with any additional specific questions you may have for students attending our Y5 and Y6 full preparation courses.

Remember, the application procedure, catchment information and exam dates can vary between different schools and from one year to another. School admission policies can be found on the individual school’s websites and are usually updated by April/May of each year.

M.F. Wimbledon

Just wanted to let you know the results! Sam got offered a scholarship at Kings in Wimbledon and a place at Tiffin. Thank you so much for all your help in getting him so well prepared. We will be in touch soon about putting our other son’s name on your list for 2013.

M and J, Wimbledon

Just to let you know that our daughter has successfully passed her 10+ entrance examination and will be starting her new school next term. We would like to say that she thoroughly enjoyed attending each session and we feel that her confidence has definitely grown. She is comfortable with the structure and layout of the tests she has practiced in the mock exam sessions and now feels much more confident in tackling them. She has always been encouraged and made to feel supported and we have enjoyed seeing her gain self-confidence as well as practical skills.

J.L. Hampton

Just a quick note to let you know that Oliver was successful for both Hampton and KCS. We have not decided which one he will take but I think it is looking like Hampton. I’d like to thank you for your tuition. It really helped with sharpening up his skills and technique which can make all the difference in very competitive exams.

G.K., Hampton

We found out our daughter’s secondary school result today. She managed to get into Tiffin Girls. Thank you very much for all the help and support she received from Mrs Jones Education.