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Our one year courses run during school term time from January to December each year and our Year 5 (16 month) course starts in September and runs through to the December of the following year. This ensures that your child continues to receive tuition during the Autumn Term (when they enter Year 6) as this is when most of their exams take place.

Many grammar schools now require children to take a selective pre-exam during September or October (of year 6) followed by further examinations in either October, November or December. The majority of the private school exams take place early in January (when your child is in Year 6).

As most of the grammar schools are now starting their exams 4 to 6 months earlier than in previous years, we have introduced our once monthly Mock Exam Course in addition to the weekly tuition courses to allow us more time to cover all the work required.

It is strongly recommended that your child starts 11+ tuition when they are in Year 4. This will allow your child sufficient time to cover all subject areas to the required level without the stress and panic which comes with trying to cram the work into the final 6 to 10 months in Year 5. Our success rate of over 92% is usually achieved by those children who have attended tuition from Year 4.

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The courses available to your child

Year Four

11+ Foundation
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Year Five

11+ Preparation
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Year Six

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All courses include monthly mock exams