Terms & Conditions

Tuition, Mock Exams and Online Services

Providing online tuition and mock exam courses as described on our website and as agreed and indicated on the Registration Form. For the avoidance of doubt, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to make applications to various schools.

Commencing Tuition /Mock Exams

A child may only access our online course material/remote mock exams once Mrs. Jones Education has received the non-refundable Deposit (i.e. Registration Fee and first month’s Tuition Fee) as defined under the ‘Course Fees’ section of our website and once the completed online Registration Form has been accepted.

Course Fees

Course fees must be paid monthly as described under the relevant ‘Courses’ pages on our website.

  • Course fees include all online tuition, homework and mock exams, course material / worksheets, exam papers, assessments and reports as defined for each course on our website.
  • Course fees are taken automatically on the 1st of each month, starting from the second month of tuition through to December of Year 6, unless you decide to stop tuition earlier by cancelling your monthly subscription.

Restriction of Liability

  • Missed Lessons

We are unable to refund or replace any weeks’ video tutorials or lessons missed online.

  • Missed Mock Exam Sessions/Courses

Similarly, we are unable to refund, replace or provide any time extensions regarding any monthly remote mock exams missed online.

All hard copies of exam papers (and their answers) are strictly kept for the use of Mrs Jones Education only and cannot be issued to parents for children to do at home.

  • Delayed Courses

Mrs Jones Education will make every effort to complete the services on time, however, if there is a delay due to any act or event beyond our reasonable control which prevents Mrs Jones Education from fulfilling their services, then neither Mrs. Jones Education nor its representatives are liable. This includes, but is not limited to any unexpected technological issues which affect our online system or are not within our control. In such an event, Mrs Jones Education will contact you as soon as is reasonably possible to notify you.

Whilst it is hoped that your child will improve his/her skills, Mrs Jones Education cannot guarantee that its tuition services will enable your child to pass the relevant exams or achieve entrance to their desired schools.

Course Materials

All course materials, tests and exam papers are subject to copyright©. Photocopying or any other means of electronic reproduction or transmission are strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Mrs Jones Education. All exam papers (and answers) are strictly kept for the use of Mrs Jones Education only and cannot be issued as hard copies to parents for children to do at home. We may use teaching course material under licence from other providers.

Cancellation of Tuition /Mock Exam Services

  • You can cancel our Tuition /Mock Exam Services by stopping your monthly subscription. You will continue to receive any Tuition /Mock Exam Services during any month already paid for.
  • The Deposit (i.e. Registration Fee and first month’s Tuition Fee) will be retained in the event of cancellation from the course.

Further General Points:

We will not give your personal data to any third party. We will use the personal information you give to us to:

  1. a) Provide the tuition services b) Process your payment for these services
  2. c) Inform you about similar products/services that we provide.

We are an LLP in England and Wales. Our LLP registration number is OC372680 and our registered office is Esgair Bettws, Bettws Ifan, Beulah, Newcastle Emlyn, Ceredigion SA38 9QJ                                  

If you have any concerns, please contact Gwenda Jones on 0208-390-6076 or 01239-851942